Diane Gianlorenzo ~ Florida - Psychic/Medium and Intuitive Success Coach

 Florida Psychic ~ Medium ~ Animal Communicator - Intuitive Counselor     Call:  386-308-1356


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Diane Gianlorenzo, Professional Intuitive Success coach and Psychic/medium


Through her in-person and phone sessions, Diane brings clarity and comfort with 15 years of experience as a psychic medium.  Diane had her own radio show for pets and people for 3 years and has appeared on countless shows as a guest for radio and tv.

She has taught psychic development and animal communication courses.

2017 is bringing her towards working with more and more intuitive success coaching clients.   Entertainers and those in the public eye seem to keep finding her for confidential, professional and sincere guidance.  

She does not work with everyone though.. If you would like a confidential complementary consultation for Intuitive success coaching, please call:  386-308-1356.  


Her experiences as a reconnective energy healer, hospice volunteer and prayer chaplain are just some of the tools she uses to compassionately work with sensitive and personal issues.  While tapping into the energy field or 'book of life' that we all carry through our lifetimes, she is able to see what works for your individual success.  

Her clients range from Hollywood to Washington and she  is blessed and honored to work with any individual wishing to improve their life to do GOoD work in this world.  


Sessions are unique to your individual needs.   

 While audiences throughout the country are amazed by her psychic and mediumship abilities, her sense of humor and genuine caring personality make her personal readings and public galleries an energy-raising and unforgettable experience. (Diane has taken a break from audience events and touring at this time). 

She has been compared to Teresa Caputo of Long Island Medium and John Edward from Crossing over (No surprise there, she's an Italian who grew up in Rhode Island).


 She will call you anywhere within the United States or Canada.  International callers by internet .  So to speak to Diane directly and have a spiritual psychic phone reading by one of Florida's best psychic mediums, call today.

All communication is confidential

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 Updated:  July 20, 2017