Diane Gianlorenzo ~ Florida - Intuitive life coach

 Florida  Animal Communicator - Intuitive life coach   Call:  386-308-1356

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"add on person for 60 0r 90-minute phone sessions only"

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Diane Gianlorenzo, Professional Intuitive Success coach



She has taught intuitive development and animal communication courses.

2017 is bringing her towards working with more and more intuitive success coaching clients.     



Her experiences as a reconnective energy healer, hospice volunteer and prayer chaplain are just some of the tools she uses to compassionately work with sensitive and personal issues.  While tapping into the energy field or 'book of life' that we all carry through our lifetimes, she is able to see what works for your individual success.


Sessions are unique to your individual needs.   


All communication is confidential

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 Updated:  Nov. 17,  2017


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